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Soundwalking in Bairro do Rego

Read in English, Portuguese

Soundwalking is an artistic practice that links the act of listening to an experience of place and space, following a specifically designed path. Through the ECHOES* app, this route will be pre-determined and geo-located, so that the listener can dive into the experience and explore the sounds and spaces of Bairro do Rego.


On the 29th of September at 6pm, we invite you to take a soundwalk through Bairro do Rego, accompanied by the young people who participated in the creation of the sound pieces, where we can share experiences and “listen” to the places in the neighbourhood. After the tour, we will return to the Passa Sabi association for a get-together where we will screen the videos resulting from the entire creation process.


*To participate in this collective sound experience, download the ECHOES app and bring some headphones.

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