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La máquina y el bosque by Pau Faus

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One of A-Place's annual events is the commissioning by LOOP of a video production by an artist in residence to explore in depth the notion of "placemaking".

In 2023, documentary filmmaker Pau Faus, through his project "La máquina y el bosque", will investigate the different ways of conceiving nature.

Through a series of interviews, he will interweave the gaze of science, biology and philosophy. The combination of these three approaches - together with archive images, such as the complex experiments of the Synchrotron or the classic botanical illustrations - will generate an interesting dialogue on the current relationship between technology and nature or, in other words, between progress and ecology.

Media Productions (Photographs & Videos):

The Machine and the Flower

Whilst the machine grows and grabs all the headlines, the forest watches and heeds a silent warning.

Posted on November 27, 2023


Pau Faus


Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona (1974)   Filmmaker, visual artist & architect. During his working years as ...