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Workshop "Creating a global network of places with digital media" at the New European Bauhaus Festival

As a reaction to the constraints brought about by the pandemic times, A-Place developed an online platform to share the experiences with place and artistic interventions in public spaces. In the time of lockdown, we started the programme “A Confined Place”. We invited people from partner cities and beyond, from all over the world, to express this new and unprecedented sense of place through artistic means: the experience of emptiness, void and absence, the visual representations of those spaces and the experiences projected in them. The artistic works (photographs, videos, drawings, music, dance) produced during those months of confinement were a living testimony of a situation experienced personally, but shared by many. They became testimonies of a unique period, an instinctive and collective reaction that gave rise to a global sense of place.  Afterwards, we launched the series of online contests under the name “A-Place MAPPING”, already in its third edition. Through a dedicated online platform, people from places all over the world are sharing their experiences with places with photographs, videos and texts.


In this workshop we will showcase the strategies we are developing to engage people around the world in a reflection about the sense of place, present the tools we are using and reflect on the ways in which this ongoing work can lead to the consolidation of a network of places and placemakers.

Join us at Gare Maritime, Rue Picard 7, 1000 Brussel, Belgique Saturday 11 June from 12:45 to 13:45.


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Leandro Madrazo


Barcelona (Spain)

A-Place project coordinator, full professor and director of the research group ARC Engineering and A...