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ES_CULTURA Public art festival in the Plaza de la Cultura

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The aim of this competition is to carry out artistic interventions in the Plaza de la Cultura and its surroundings, in the Bellvitge neighbourhood in L'Hospitalet, as part of the ES_CULTURA festival, which will be held for the first time this year.


The proposals to be installed in the places selected by the participants can be self-supporting objects or objects sustained on the street furniture (benches, waste baskets, posts), as well as actions on the surfaces of pavements and walls. Proposals that involve permanent interventions on walls and pavements, may cause damage to public furniture and/or pose a risk to the physical integrity of people will be discarded. 


For the construction of the installations, the materials and techniques proposed by the participants will be used. The assembly will be carried out by the participants themselves, with the support of technical personnel provided by the competition organisers. The installations will remain in the public space on 26 and 27 November 2022.

Proposals should address some of the following issues related to sense of place:

- Memories. Conveying and sharing personal stories and experiences linked to public spaces; memories and stories that can be shared with the community.
- Talking objects. Transforming street furniture into objects that convey messages and ideas.
- Empty spaces. Identifying spaces that go unnoticed and giving them new meaning.
- Agora. Propose topics for debate on social and cultural issues that affect community life and the use of public space (climate change, social isolation, multiculturalism, etc.).

Open call

The competition consists of three sections:

- Primary and secondary school students. Four proposals will be selected, each with a prize of 300 euros for the purchase of materials and installation.

- University students. 4 proposals will be selected, each with a prize of 500 euros for the purchase of materials and installation.

- Individual and collective artists. 4 proposals will be selected, each with a prize of 1,500 euros to cover the costs of materials, installation and fees.


Receipt of proposals
Proposals shall be sent by email to info@a-place.eu

The closing date for receipt of proposals is 4 November 2022 at 24:00.



Audience award

A popular jury will select three installations, one for each section of the competition, which will receive the following prizes:

- Primary and secondary school students. 200 euros
- University students. 500 euros
- Individual and collective artists. 1,000 euros

Further information is available in the competition rules and at info@a-place.eu.


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