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Sensing places together

The overarching theme of the third closing event, "Sensing Places Together," will focus on the perception and representation of places through our senses and diverse media.   The

Posted on 23/09/01

Co-constructing lived spaces

 "Co-Constructing Lived Spaces" was organized by Alive Architecture in collaboration with Communa, a local non-profit organization, that activates the location of the event ‘La Se

Posted on 23/06/14

A place in Can Trinxet

Closing activities of the A-Place project in L'Hospitalet   The programme (Spanish, Catalan) at Can Trinxet from 3 to 7 June includes debates, exhibitions, installations,

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Posted on 23/06/14

Closing events – Barcelona, Brussels, Lisbon


At the end of the fourth and final year of the A-Place project, there will be a series of closing events held in three partner cities - Barcelona, Brussels, and Lisbon. These events aim to showcase and reflect on the collective work done during the project.


The gatherings will bring together project partners, invited experts, and community representatives to discuss key issues related to the project and the achieved results. Some of the topics that will be discussed include:


- The role of placemaking in promoting participatory design, spatial justice, and the appropriation of public space.

- The importance of educational and creative activities in public spaces that engage artists and creators from all academic levels, including formal and informal education.

- Representing a sense of place through various art forms, such as music, photography, video, art performance, and sculpting.


These sessions will be free of charge and open to all interested participants


Co-constructing lived spaces

Brussels, 26 May 2023
Communa, La Serre, Rue Gray 171 1050 Brussels


A place in Can Trinxet

L'Hospitalet (Barcelona), 3 June 2023


Sensing places together

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Lisbon, 14-15 September 2023




To share and discuss the work done in the project with local stakeholders involved in placemaking practices.


Video reportages of the closing events:

- Brussels: Co-constructing lived places

- Barcelona: A place in Can Trinxet


- Brussels: Petra Pferdmenges (petra@alivearchitecture.eu)

- Barcelona: Leandro Madrazo (leandro.madrazo@salle.url.edu)

- Lisbon: Maria Irene Aparício (aparicio.irene@gmail.com)


The organizing institutions are:

- Brussels: Alive Architecture and KUL Department of Architecture

- Barcelona: La Salle School of Architecture and LOOP Barcelona

- Lisbon: Universidade Nova de Lisboa